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You are not gonna dry me out!

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

when you move from one country to another, it can be hard to find the same beauty products cause not every brand will be sold everywhere.

When I am in Europe and back home, I use MIXA (it's an amazing brand!).

When I am in North America, I mainly use JERGENS.

VASELEINE and THE BODY SHOP have some good hand lotions and body butter that care of your hands during winter time.

-JERGENS Shea Butter


-VASELINE Intensive Care

-MIXA Intensif Peaux Seches Lait Corps nourissant apaisant amande douce+karite

-MIXA Intensif Peaux Seches Lait Corps Nutritif protecteur BIO huile d'abricot et the vert

-VASELINE intensive care hand lotion

-THE BODY SHOP shea butter body butter

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