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Who wants some FRENCH CREPES?

Instead of buying them outside at an expensive price, I make them at home and at least I know what ingredients are in there. Plus, when you buy them outside, you pay $10-$13 just for one!! At home you can make as many as you wish!

Here is my recipe: -250 grams of flour (people that are allergic to gluten can use an alternative type of flour) -2 big glasses of milk (if you can't have regular milk, you can use lactose free or even almond milk) -2 eggs -sugar (add the amount that you'd like) -1 bag of vanilla sugar

I usually start by mixing the milk, the eggs and the sugar together. Then, I add the flour little by little to make sure the dough is all smooth. Finally, I pour the bag of vanilla sugar.

Let the dough sit for a few hours and then get that show going in a frying pan.

Here is the fun part...when they are ready and HOT, you can eat them with sugar, jam, pieces of banana, strawberries, nutella, or even Ice Cream on the side......Mmmmmmmhhhh....YUMMY!!!

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