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WALK PEOPLE!! It's good for your HEALTH!!

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

I really wanted to write an article about the importance of walking.

Indeed, ever since I moved to North America, I noticed that the majority of people doesn't walk a lot here. Of course this is just my perspective and you can feel free to give me your opinion.

I would like to point out that North America, obesity and diabetes are quite predominant.

I realized that even when things happen to be within a walking distance, most people will still take their car; whether it's to go to the next coffee shop, the bookstore, the grocery store). I mean.......

Whenever I got a job and I could walk to get there (and also walk on my way back home), i really enjoyed it because during that 20 to 30mn walk I did not have to worry about "ohhhh the subway is delayed" "what time is the next train?". Plus, that was a great way for me to stay fit at no cost. Besides, let's say i forgot something at home, I just had to walk back there.

Let's not talk about kids. last time I wrote an article about "sleep" and the fact that kids don't play outside as much as they used to. In my opinion, this also goes for walking.

Adults set the example for kids, so whether it's your eating and lifestyle habits, kids will tend to copy that and develop the same ones.

have you also noticed that all that technology is not helping? Indeed, with all those tablets, smartphones, and so on, they'd rather stay home to either play on them or watch TV for hours even on a sunny day.

FYI, here are some proven facts whenyou develop some walking habits (of course I will post the sources, I am not just going to put some made up facts):

- when it's sunny outside and you walk, you increase your level of Vitamin D (vitamin D actually tend to reduce "depression" if I may use that term). Have you noticed that our mood tend to change during winter because the days are shorter and we have less sun?

- when you walk, you reduce the level of sugar in your blood and of course the likelihood of diabetes

- studies have also proven that by walking, you reduce the likelihood of heart diseases and stroke as walking is known to lower your blood pressure

- walking is a great way to stay fit or lose weight at a really cheap cost. Also for people trying to lose weight, it is always better to do it at a slower pace than a faster one because you will have a better chance of not gaining it back quickly.

Let's not forget that walking help you free your mind and relieves you from stress!!

Marie-Madeleine Mbong

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