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MY SHOE COLLECTION! From my Closet to Yours: Enjoy!

Updated: Sep 7

This post is long overdue....I know! It was actually requested by many people. I am a BIG SHOE LOVER! I couldn't even fit all of them in the picture. (And actually some of them are still in a suitcase in Paris). When I buy shoes, there are 3 criteria that I look at: - the design (they have to be cute!) - the quality of the material (believe it or not, most of my shoes last for more than 2 years. I'd rather invest more money in high quality pair that will last for a long time than buy cheapy ones all the time) - the comfort (some shoes look good when you see them but can be really umconfortable. They can even mess up your bones if you keep wearing them) Now let's get to the good stuff: -the black pumps are from GUESS -the nude pumps are from GUESS -the silver pumps are from GUESS -the floral pumps are from GUESS -the animal print pumps are from NINE WEST -the open high heel sandals with the braids at the front and the laces at the ankle level are from a store in Paris. I just can't remember the name. They look so good with some straight ankle jeans and a nude or white nail polish on your toes -the purple peep toe shoes are from COSMO PARIS. I actually also have the yellow ones. I just couldn't pick one pair. Plus this was during crazy summer sale season in France. They are the go to shoes for weddings during spring or summer time. -the flat sandals with the gold chain at the front and the strap in the back are from GUESS -the black pointed flats with the silver studs all over are from STEVE MADDEN..(they are so comfortable! I wear them all the time at work....I got a lot of compliments for them) -the black sandals with the black faux fur are from STEVE MADDEN...They have been so on trend!!! I had to have them....they pop up even more when you put a nice pink or coral nail polish on your toes. -the last 3 pairs of sandals are from MICHAEAL KORS (the brown ones with the big MK logo, the black ones with the bow and the orange ones with the bow) Got any statement shoes you want to share with me? Marie-Madeleine Mbong

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