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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

You guys unanimously liked my shoe collection a few months ago. Therefore, I decided to show you my handbags collection.

As I always say, I'd rather invest my money in some timeless pieces that will last a long time than buy cheap stuff.

-The first red handbag is from the luxury brand LANCEL PARIS (you can actually wear it as a crossbody)

-The black little clutch is also from the luxury brand LANCEL PARIS 

-The silver metallic bag is from the one and only BCBG MAXAZARIA

-The black bag in the shape of a rectangle is from the French designer INES DE LA FRESSANGE (it was actually a gift for my Master's degree graduation).

-The following black bag is from a leather store in Tunisia (we all know that countries like Morocco and Tunisia are famous for their leather).

-The next red handbag is from a leather store in the US ( I cannot believe I still have that bag. It's proof that when you invest in real leather, you are never disappointed)

-The bordeaux pouch was a collection made by PRINTEMPS DE LA MODE (Paris)

-The fushia pouch was from a store that exposed back in the days at PRINTEMPS DE LA MODE. the brand's name is BRONTIBAY. 

Marie-Madeleine Mbong

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