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Home-made VEGGIE SOUP to kick off winter!

It's freezing in this city...That's a reality in Canada. The temperature will go below zero sometimes during winter. Plus, as the days tend to be shorter, our body is less exposed to the sun, which means we have less Vitamin D and Iron.

I decided to learn how to make my own soup.

Indeed, I used to buy the ones at the supermarket, but now I think most of them are either too salty, or the quality of the vegetable used is questionable...

For this recipe, I used:

- chiken broth (I got the one with 30% less salt in it)

- kidney beans (i actually steamed them for a minutes before putting them in the soup)

-baby carrots

- green beans

-shelled edamame

- sweet peas


-spaghettini (that I cut in really tiny pieces)

We will start by cooking the hardest ingridient first and then finish with the softest ones.

Set the stove at medium, then add the chicken broth in a casserole.

When it start to be warm, add:

-the baby carrots and spaghettini first

-then the green beans

-when the 3 of them start to get tender, add the shelled edamame, sweet peas and corn.

-finally the kidney beans (remember they were already pre-cooked).

You can also put a little of pepper if you like your soup a little bit spicy.

Marie-Madeleine Mbong

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