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Home-made fried rice with shrimp

I think you guys all know by now that I love me some good home-cooked meals, mainly because they are a lot healthier.

Plus, eating outside or ordering food all the time adds up quickly financially at the end of the month.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, I've been cooking even more.

This recipe is ideal when you have some left over rice in the fridge and you want to eat something flavorful that won't require a long time in the kitchen.

I did it with shrimps, but you can put chicken or meat instead if you want.

You are going to need:

- half of a big onion

- some carrots

- some sweat peas

- some left over rice

- some shrimps (make sure you clean them thoroughly before)

1) chop the onion and carrots and set them aside

2) mix the egg in a bowl with just a little bit of salt

3) pre-heat a little bit of oil in a frying pan (please people I said A LITTLE!)

4) add the shrimps (usually you know shrimps are cooked when they turn into that pink color on each side)

DO NOT ADD SALT!! (Trust me the salt you added in the egg will be enough, and you don't want your meal to be over salty)

5) remove the shrimps and set them aside

6) add the chopped onion

7) then the carrots

8) when the onion turns into that slightly brown color, add the rice

9) when you feel like the carrots are a bit more tender, put the shrimps back in the pan

10) a minute after, make a little bit of room aside and now add your egg

11) keep stirring little by little until everything is all mixed together

12) now I always add the sweat peas last cause I don't want them to be overcooked.

And also, after you add the sweat peas, make sure you mix everything with a utensil that will not crush the peas.

As we say in French: "BON APPETIT!!"

Marie-Madeleine Mbong

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