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Eating at home helps you save money!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

My post of today is mostly about the amount of money we spend when we eat outside a lot.

Don't get me around, I like to treat myself with a take out once in a while, but I am someone that mostly prepare my food at home.

I also know that sometimes we can be on the go and in a rush, especially when you live in a big city, but grabbing food outside a lot adds up quickly and can hurt your monthly budget.

For this article, I chose something as simple as a salad (cause right now it's summer).

Indeed, if you go to the supermarket, and you buy a salad that is already prepared, the small size will cost you about $7- $8 (with taxes included), and a large one between $11-$12.

I also discovered that in some places, if they have a buffet, they weight the price of the items you take at cash.

Therefore, imagine doing that 5 times a week. This can be $40-$50 dollars that you spend weekly.

This week I did my grocery shopping and I got a big box of arugula salad for $4.99, a bag of 6 tomatoes for $3, a cucumber for $1.69, 2 avocadoes for $3.98.

The bottle of dressing I chose cost me about $3 (sometimes I even make my own dressing).

When I made my salad, I still have a lot of veggies left. Which means that I can make another one soon with some fresh products.

Marie-Madeleine Mbong

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