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Don't mess with MY HAIR!

Updated: Sep 7

I think every woman can relate to this article...

I travelled a lot throughout my life, and I have to say that one of the most stressful things for me was to find the proper hair products for my hair.

Indeed, when you move to another country, the weather outside might not be the same, neither may be the water you use everyday to take a shower and wash your hair.

When I am back home it's really easy for me to find someone that will braid my hair...If I convert the money, getting your hair done in Yaounde is no more than $10 or $15.

TRY to get some braids done here in Toronto...yeah right!!!

Just like everybody else (or at least most people), my hair has gone through some changes...

When I used to relax it back in the days, I would use APHOGEE products to take care of it. (it's a really good brand).

Now that I've been wearing it natural for the past few years, I use NEXXUS products and OGX Coconut Milk. I actually discovered that brand when I moved to the US. Actually, my aunt in Virginia is the one that introduce me to that brand. (SHOUT OUT to my auntie Rosalie by the way).

Besides, whenever I feel like I need some extra moisture, Garnier actually has some pretty good hair masks.

Right now the weather here in Toronto is really humid, so I decided to try Cantu Shea butter hair detangler for daily use and see how it goes.

The hair products I buy are affordable and you can find them here in Toronto in Shoppers, Rexall....If you are in Montreal you can find them in Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu.

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