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All roads lead to ROME!

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

I went to Rome for my 25th birthday.

If I correctly remember, I stayed there for 4 days...

Rome is a really beautiful and historic city. The monuments are really close to one another, so it makes it really easy to get around since you can just walk. (if you like walking of course...otherwise that's another story)

The only thing is, since it's really popular (like Paris), you have to line up a while to visit some monuments. The line at the Vatican is crazy, there was no way I was going to spend the all day there.

I posted the most important (and famous ones);

- Il Colosseo

- I Fori Imperiali

-L'Arco di Costantino

- Vittorio Emmanuelle II

- Il Vatican (it's also really gorgeous when you go there by night)

- La Piazza Spagna

- La Fontana di Trevi (I actually went to the wrong one at first :) :)

-Il Castelo Sant'Angelo and the view from it

Marie-Madeleine Mbong

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