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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Winter is coming people! and it is starting to get really cold outside.

Every morning, on my way to work, the first thought that goes through my mind is: "Oh Hell!!".

Of course my heart goes out to all those in need and even homeless as the temperature is consistently dropping.

With that said, as this cold and dry wind from the North Pole is hitting us pretty hard these days, this is all the more reason to pay closer attention to our daily diet and make sure we have the right nutrients and vitamins in our body.

Make sure you eat right and at the right time of the day. Indeed, during winter, many people tend to go for comfort and fast food.


Not only that's not healthy, but also it's a one-way ticket to diabetes and high cholesterol with all those carbs in your system.

I mention all the time that I am neither a nutritionist, nor an expert. I just learn as I go along just like you guys.

I can tell you that as you get older, your metabolism tend to slow down and the way you process food at 30 or 40 is definitely not the same way you (or did) in your teens or early 20s.

Besides, to my all college buddies about to study for their midterms and getting ready for their finals in December, eating healthy helps to FOCUS!

We all know that concentration and memory play a key role in succeeding at school (as well as some good hours of sleep. So turn off those smartphones and tablets at night).

Adding carrots, green beans, mushrooms, sweet peas or cauliflowers to your food (even in a soup or stew) is a great way to keep a balanced diet during winter.

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