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A healthy BEAN SALAD to boost your vitamins during winter

Winter is here! Unfortunately because of that the level of vitamins in your system drops quite a bit since the days are shorter and we are less exposed to daylight.

I stated before in some previous posts that I am not vegetarian, but as I got older I try my best to keep a balanced diet which includes more veggies and less red meat on a weekly basis.

Plus, with me having fibroids (which I also mentioned before), I have to be really careful when it comes to what I eat.

This is how I make my bean salad (and of course if you have some recipes you want to share with me, you are more than welcome):

1) I steam my beans the night before. Usually I cook a mix of red and white beans along with chick peas.

(FYI: it's better to steam your vegetable because it helps keep their nutrition value).

When they cool off, I season them and put them in the fridge.

Beans are a great source of IRON, POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM AND FIBER.

2) The next day, I dice a cucumber, some tomatoes and also add some corn to my salad.

Tomatoes are a great source of vitamine C, K and potassium.

cucumbers are full of water!!!

I top everything with some balsamic dressing and VOILA!!

FYI again, if you have some guests over, you can serve this with some tortilla chips. I tried it, it is sooooooo good!!!

Marie-Madeleine Mbong

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