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M.M. Mbong.

Strong African & Black Woman, Women's Rights advocate, Young Entrepreneur, Hard Worker

I have always liked to write since a very young age. I remember that I used to keep diaries. To be honest, I still do. Writing for me is like a therapy. I enjoy it just as much as I enjoy walking for hours when it’s sunny outside or doing yoga from time to time when I need some silence to refocus. It helps me clear my mind, gather my thoughts and calm down when I need to. Besides, my love for reading, travelling and discovering other cultures complement all that.

There was therefore no doubt that I had to create a website. Indeed, when you go through hard times in life (whether it is at the professional or personal level), you tend to think you are the only one cause as a human being your first reaction tend to stay in your bubble. Added to that, when you move to another country, sometimes it takes  a while before you know your way around. for example, where to buy grocery products at a great bargain, where to shop for your beauty products (at reasonable cost should I add), go do your hair (hello!!), go out to eat and dance, what books are out, what places are definitely worth visiting; or even which offices you need to go if you have some paperwork to fill out. So why not share it with you guys right? And you can give me your tips and opinions too.


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